Injection Jobs / Unit Ovehauls

Injection Jobs / Unit Ovehauls

We have highly qualified teams for restoration jobs for Oilfield Service job Units. Most of the jobs we have covered are trailer mounted mobile units.

Be it your Heating Unit, HOCU, PCM, Pumping Unit, Cementing Unit, Frac Unit, Separation Package Unit.

Our teams consists of experts having combined experience of more than 50 years in restoring and overhauling Trailor jobs, engine jobs, pumps, hydraulic assembly jobs, fabrications , gear assemblies.

Products Covered Under Injection Jobs / Unit Overhaul

Single-point chemical injection systems

Single Chemical injection systems are commonly used in production facilities in the oil and gas industry. They prevent or mitigate a wide range of problems that might negatively affect the production flow and/or process completion.

Wellpad Chemical Injection Skids

Chemicals are supplied in liquid form and these chemicals are then transferred to the feed tank with the tank inlet fitted with a check valve and isolation valve to prevent the back-flow of the holdup chemical.

Multi-point chemical injection systems

Multipoint chemical injection systems using pressure independent metering valves have been in use for over seven years in upstream Oil and Gas process systems.

Gas-powered chemical injection systems

These systems ensure the reliable ignition and outstanding combustion of gas/air mixtures with specific high performance. Gas is a low-cost fuel that ensures extremely efficient engine operation and can also contribute to reducing particles and nitrogen oxide emissions.

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