Boring a hole into the Earth from surface to total depth—that’s a classic definition of drilling and at the heart of what we’re involved in. But if you step back, what we really do is help fuel transportation, industry, medicine, agriculture, science, space, and technology. And it all starts with drilling the well, and every well is an accomplishment because no two are ever exactly alike.

We have curious people genuinely interested in solving the challenges of efficiently drilling and accurately placing oil and gas wells. They consequently deliver leading technologies that range from groundbreaking bit and cutting element technologies, along with drilling fluids and mud logging capabilities, to the individual hardware components of the BHA in a fully integrated system, and the deep knowledge of instrumentation, software optimization, and automation.

Drilling Equipments

Downhole Fishing Equipment

WEE can manufacture to specific customer requirements and has experience with all types of fishing, production and specialised downhole tools, including casing scrapers, casing swage, under reamers, hydraulic casing/tubing cutter, junk baskets, mills, overshots, safety joints, casing roller.

Drilling Rig Instrumentation

Drilling Services is an agent for Poor Boys instrumentation, providing services and products for rig functions and monitoring including anchor type weight indicators, automatic drillers, chart recorders, pressure gauges, load cells and digital mud pump stroke counters, weight indicators and hydraulic rotary torque systems.

Mud Pump Parts

For over a decade these products have passed the test of demanding oilfield operations, withstanding the extreme pressures, high temperatures and corrosive environments that are forever present in this unpredictable industry.

Cementing equipment

We represent Sledgehammer, a manufacturer of quality cementing products, with experience of more than three decades. Sledgehammer provides the fastest and most economical cementing products to almost every part of the world.

Our Components

Pup Joint
Gate Valves
Spacer Spool
Studded Block
Ring Gasket
Threaded Connector

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