WEEPL has always preferred jobs which have challenges and require high engineering solutions when the customer is in great need of a cost effective and application related issues.

We are very much interested in providing solutions to our customers related to redesigning of equipment’s as per required standards to meet job applications criteria. It is always a win-win situation when you can modify your equipment’s as per required application to save costs and time instead of buying new equipment & put loads on your project cost.

If you have any requirement when you have equipment’s available with you and it differs with your application criteria then WEEPL is always ready to serve yo


Gate Valves

Gate valves are of generally two types- Rising stem and non rising stem gate valve. Rising stem gate valves have the threads external to the valve body. You can see the valve stem is moving up when the valve is opening.

Choke Manifold

The Choke Manifold is the primary well pressure and flow control package used during both offshore and onshore well testing, frac flow-back, well clean-up and early production operations.


Surface safety valve (SSV) is a hydraulically actuated fail-safe gate valve for producing or testing oil and gas wells with high flow rates, high pressures, or the presence of H2S.

Sand Filter (Dual/Single POT)

Dual-pot sand filter with sand jetting system (wellhead sand separator) is used to remove sand and other solid particles from oil and gas well effluent to prevent erosion of downstream equipment.

Trash Catcher

The Trash catcher is designed to recover large solid pieces. Debris/Trash catchers are normally positioned upstream of the choke manifold to prevent erosion damage to downstream equipment.

Sacrificial Choke Manifold / Flowback Manifold

Flowback Manifold allows for maintenance and repairs on the chokes throughout an operation with no interruption of the flow rate. Operator can remotely control well flow from a safe distance

Our Components

Pup Joint
Gate Valves
Spacer Spool
Studded Block
Ring Gasket
Threaded Connector

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