Choke Main Fold

WEE specializes in the maintenance of manifolds for a complete range of Onshore and offshore oil field applications. Choke manifold is typically located on the rig floor and provides flexible and variable flow control and well shut-in capability upstream of the process and measurement equipment during well test operations. The flow path on one side of the manifold has an adjustable choke and is used during well cleanup or drawdown operations until a stable flow condition has been reached. The opposite side of the manifold houses positive, fixed-bean chokes that provide accurate flow control for predetermined flow rates under stable conditions. A full-bore bypass is incorporated through the centre of the manifold and can be used when choking downstream at the heater or open-flow conditions.

Choke Manifold can avoid pollution of oil-layer and improve the speed of drilling and control blow- out effectively. The choke manifold consists of choke valves, gate valves, line pipes, fittings, pressure gauges and other components.