Cross Over

WEE produce Cross-over acts for conversion and connection of drill stem component in petroleum, natural gas and geology drilling work.

These products are used to connect lower drill tools and upper drill tools while the lower connections are not matched with the upper connections. All pins were machined with an API relief groove and all box connections were machined with an API bore back to ensure no stress concentrations, which could lead to tool failure, existed in the sub. Box and pin connections were cold rolled and phosphate dipped to ensure optimal tool life. Threads were rolled in regular (rEG), internal flush (If), or extra hole (XH) patterns as specified by our customer. Pin connection dimensions varied from 4 ¾" - 9 ½" in outer diameter, while box connection outer diameters ranged from 4 ¾" to 11". All tolerances were subject to API specifications and confirmed with dimensional inspection.

Material 4145H Alloy Steel
Lengths 6"-28" Long going up in increments of 2 inches
Standard API 5CT&5B
Grade J55, K55, N80, L80, C95, P110, Q125
Size 1.315"NU *- 4-1/2" EU